WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 Ford Focus Sportbreak 2009 - Vehicle history report

Title & Condition

Retail value
Rear End , Mechanical
Has Keys
Without Keys

Technical Specs

Odometer, mi
Drive line

No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

Ford Focus Sportbreak 2009 VIN WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 History Report

Until 1954, there was no single base with vehicle numbers. This made issues in identifying motorcars that were stolen or implicated in a crash. This was until 1981 when the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in the USA formed uniform necessities for vehicle identification numbers.

The VIN WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 code is the vehicle's identification number or serial number, consisting of 17 individual characters.

When selling a motorcar, vehicle owners oftentimes try to hide specific details about the auto. The VIN code offers full facts about the history of repairs, supervision, characteristic problems, robbery, and odometer rollbacks. You can observe photos from various angles and pick the quantity of lessors.

Focus Sportbreak WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 Bid History at COPART SPAIN

Before you understand how to select a Ford Focus Sportbreak WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 at an auction, you have to think the principal features of this motorcar. Select in advance on the price class, body type, gearbox, etc. The major facts for choosing a used Ford Focus Sportbreak WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 are:

  • picture;
  • mileage;
  • actual age;
  • technical condition;
  • kind of sales document.

Ford Focus Sportbreak WF0SXXGCDS9K11363 Detailed Information

One of the principal risks when purchasing an automobile at an auction is the need for guarantees. Auctions are not responsible for the car's condition and do not guarantee its performance. Thus, before bidding, studying the auto and studying its record and details totally is vital.

What you have to to pay attention to:

  1. Vehicle Type - Automobile
  2. Make - Ford
  3. Model - Focus Sportbreak
  4. Year - 2009
  5. VIN - WF0SXXGCDS9K11363
  6. Lot Number - 50301828
  7. Primary Damage - Rear End
  8. Secondary Damage - Mechanical
  9. Auction Name - COPART SPAIN
  10. Auction With Country - COPART ESP
  11. Sale Status - Sold

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What is a VIN number, and why is it important?

VIN code is an individual vehicle code consisting of seventeen symbols numbers and letters. This code holds facts about the manufacturer, car parameters, and the date of leaving the assembly line. The identification number is given at the factory, and it is banned to change it throughout the total period of operation.

Is it possible to use a VIN number to determine if a car has been in an accident?

Deciphering the VIN on the verification website will indicate if the vehicle was involved in a crash.

How to check Ford Focus Sportbreak 2009 VIN number?

To inspect a motorcar by VIN-code, you have to go to the website of our service.