SJNFAAJ10U2185091 NISSAN QASHQAI AC 2010 - Vehicle history report

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Runs & Drives
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Technical Specs

Odometer, mi
1598 cc
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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

SJNFAAJ10U2185091 - 2010 NISSAN QASHQAI AC bid history at COPART GBR

VIN indicates "vehicle identification number." This special 17-character alphanumeric code is the primary norms of determining an automobile throughout its life. VIN is given to the automobile by the factory and does not vary, unlike records - they are given to the motorcar in the country of operation and alter if its "registration" modifications. Furthermore, VIN is not just a collection of numbers: it contains data about the factory, year of manufacture, and automobile features.

By the way, just because of the decoding of the VIN abbreviation, phrases like "VIN" are not totally correct, as they are a tautology. Even, to provide uniqueness, the VIN never has the Latin letters I, O, and Q due to their resemblance to the numerals 1 and 0.

NISSAN QASHQAI AC history report by VIN

First, you ought to determine the budget for buying a NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091. The most beneficial and logical determination will be to purchase a NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091 at a low cost. To determine the benefit and make a probable deal, you require to specify the approximate cost of a NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091 label by scanning the market and showing the minimum cost for a NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091.

If you want to buy, for example, a NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091, then in the American auto market, you can get such a model for at most $3,500. In addition to the acquisition cost, it is necessary to add the price for delivery, customs clearance, certification, brokerage, and port services. Given all these parameters, it is feasible to determine the approximate last cost, whether such an acquisition is profitable.

Looking through the photographs, you should pay attention:

  • retail value
  • to the state of the body
  • check past info
  • the evenness of the gaps
  • find out the degree of damage

NISSAN QASHQAI AC SJNFAAJ10U2185091 Full Information

When purchasing a used automobile at an auction, the automobile fan has to study the motorcar according to the VIN SJNFAAJ10U2185091 code, no matter what the owner or the auction says. Given the numerous cases of dealing stolen motorcars via various specialized stores, it will not be overmuch to punch through the wine number of a vehicle planned to be purchased through a salon. Having resorted to checking the car by the VIN code, the possible customer will obtain the following details:

  1. Vehicle Type - VEHICLES UNDER 7.5 TONNES
  2. Make - NISSAN
  3. Model - QASHQAI AC
  4. Year - 2010
  5. VIN - SJNFAAJ10U2185091
  6. Lot Number - 37850764
  7. Primary Damage - REAR END
  8. Secondary Damage - SIDE
  9. Auction Name - COPART UK
  10. Auction With Country - COPART GBR
  11. Sale Status - Sold

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What is a VIN number on a NISSAN QASHQAI AC?

Vehicle code derived from 17 symbols. The code provides information about the plant and aspects of cars, as well as the annual production.

Is it possible to trace NISSAN QASHQAI AC history by VIN SJNFAAJ10U2185091?

Today, the record of the used vehicle may be checked by knowing its VIN.

Can I look up vehicle specs by VIN number for free?

On the platform site, you may study the VIN for free and the scope of the verification information available to define the VIN.